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Why is Important domain

A .com domain has many  advantages over a country-specific domain (ccTLD).

.com Advantages:

  • Global Reach: A .com domain isn’t tied to a specific location. This is ideal if you target a worldwide audience or plan to expand internationally in the future. Local domain names for example  for Ethiopia or for South Africa tells visitors you’re only a local business. This can be crucial for building trust with customers in in the international market.
  • Brand Recognition: People are so accustomed to seeing .com that they often assume websites have this extension. This can give your brand a wider recognition boost. 
  • Credibility: Historically, .com domains have been associated with established businesses, lending an air of legitimacy.
  • Search Engine Ranking:  .com domains tend to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) compared to local domain names. This can make it harder for potential customers to find the bank’s legitimate website.
  • Habit and Expectation: People are accustomed to seeing .com at the end of website addresses. This familiarity can lead them to subconsciously add “.com” to the bank’s name when typing in an email address or visiting the website.

 Branded Social Media Handles 

There are several advantages to having social media handles that are related to your business name and website:

  • Increased Discoverability: When your social media handles match your business name or website, it’s much easier for people to find you online. If someone hears about your company and wants to learn more, they’ll know exactly what to search for on social media. This can significantly boost your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website and business.
  • Stronger Brand Identity: Consistency is key in building a recognizable brand. By using the same name across your website and social media platforms, you create a cohesive brand identity that’s easy for people to remember. This builds trust and professionalism, making you appear more established and legitimate.
  • Simplified Marketing: Having matching handles makes it much easier to promote your social media presence across all your marketing channels. Imagine including your social media information on a brochure – with consistent handles, you only need to list one name, making it clear and memorable for potential customers.
  • Reduced Confusion: Inconsistent social media handles can be confusing for potential customers. If they find a social media account with a different name than your website, they might wonder if it’s actually your business. This can lead to missed opportunities and damage your brand image.
  • Protects Your Brand: By claiming social media handles that match your business name, you prevent others from using similar names. This protects your brand identity and ensures customers are finding the real you online.

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