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Ethiopian National Bank’s Financial Stability Report (2023) is published. Here’s a breakdown of the information

Global Economic Conditions:

  • The global economy is expected to slow down in 2023 and 2024 compared to 2022.
  • Advanced economies are experiencing a sharper decline than emerging markets.
  • Inflation is projected to decrease globally due to tightening monetary policies and falling commodity prices.
  • Currency fluctuations vary across countries, with the Ethiopian Birr experiencing a slight depreciation against the US Dollar.
  • Interest rates are generally rising as central banks fight inflation.

Domestic Economic Conditions (to be continued based on the provided text)

  • The report likely discusses Ethiopia’s economic growth projections, inflation trends, and potential domestic risks.
  • It may also analyze the impact of factors like droughts and conflicts on the economy.

Financial Sector Stability

  • The report assesses the health of Ethiopia’s financial sector, including banking, microfinance, insurance, and capital goods financing.
  • It highlights areas of strength, such as strong capital buffers for banks, and identifies potential risks like credit, liquidity, and operational risks.

Financial System Infrastructure

  • The report evaluates the development of Ethiopia’s financial infrastructure, including payment systems and credit bureaus.
  • It may discuss areas for improvement to enhance efficiency and risk management.

Policy Measures

  • The report likely outlines policy initiatives taken by the National Bank of Ethiopia to ensure financial stability.
  • This could include measures to address credit concentration risks, improve governance standards, and develop a more robust risk management framework.


  • The report emphasizes the resilience of Ethiopia’s financial sector despite various challenges.
  • It acknowledges the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to maintain financial stability.


This report provides valuable insights into the health and potential vulnerabilities of Ethiopia’s financial system. By understanding these factors, policymakers and stakeholders can take steps to mitigate risks and promote sustainable economic growth.

Full report on the link below